Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Our First Blog Post!

We are so excited to introduce the public to our new venture... Cupcake Culture! So many exciting things have been happening so quickly! We attended a trade show at Beth Tora Synagogue in October and we wanted to share a few of the pictures from the show.

Halloween came and went... If you are not a Cupcake Culture Facebook Page fan yet (which you obviously should become one) you can check out our spooky creations below.

Other exciting news:
Get your Sugar Free Cupcake Culture Fix Available at: Bruno's Fine Foods at Avenue Road and Wilson, and Bagel Nash

Come visit us this Friday and Saturday (November 12-13) at What A Bagel at Bathurst and New Westminster for a FREE sample of our delicious original chocolate and vanilla cupcakes which are now being sold at this location Mmmmmmmmm... Yummy in the Tummy!!

Sweet you Soon,
Cupcake Culture

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  1. I love these cupcakes especially the CHOCOLATE mmmmmmmm they are the best!